Lifestyle Collection Stories

Have you ever wondered why we do what we do or how our Lifestyle Collection products are designed and developed? These are our stories. And we have curated a selection of them for you. 


Overhead shot of Jaguar Ultimate collection products.Overhead shot of Jaguar Ultimate collection products.

Design is in Jaguar’s DNA. It’s this that has driven us to look beyond the road. Creating collections of lifestyle apparel and accessories that showcase our design credentials.

From heritage cotton jackets inspired by the Jaguar Mark II to luggage with design cues taken straight from the F-Type, every piece has an element of Jaguar woven into it.

Giving enthusiasts a chance to take home a piece of our story.

The collections feature a real diversity. A core collection full of clothing gifts and other lifestyle accessories. A heritage collection inspired by the world’s premier getaway car.

And beautifully rendered Jaguar Icon models for collectors. There are ranges of sunglasses for every occasion. And luggage for every journey. Accessories that make the perfect gift. All created with a design language that is distinctly Jaguar, and quintessentially British.

“At Jaguar, British design is at the heart of what we do and we take inspiration from a variety of industries, from architecture to fashion, films and even music.  British design is expressive, forward-thinking and very much about challenging the status quo and we’re inspired by that character and energy.”

At Jaguar, every one of our creations is constantly refined, from the drawing board to the production line. And nowhere is this more evident than our Ultimate Collection.

From leather tote bags to keyrings and pens, these finely tuned lifestyle accessories are an expression of purity, performance and presence. Each one made with superior materials and crafted with skill.

Created by the same team that design our cars, these collections capture the very essence of what Jaguar represents. A brand that redefines refinement.


Introducing a new range from Jaguar. A collection of the ultimate creature comforts with accessories made from the finest materials. All made to support your best friends as well as they support you.

In the Ultimate Dog Bed, we’ve created a haven of pure comfort. Luxuriously soft and generously padded, this is a place any dog can curl up after a long walk. Designed with our recognisable monogram print, it makes the perfect companion to our hand-finished dog bowl. Crafted from ceramic to be sleek and practical, the bowl features a refined ombre effect and an anti-slip silicon base.

Like all the other items in our Jaguar collections, they are created to feel at home everywhere. Everyday objects that bring personality as well as purpose. Designed with a touch of the iconic and the hallmarks of modern luxury.

This isn’t something that happens by chance. It’s part of a philosophy that guides all our designs.

“Jaguar’s design philosophy is evident in the purity, proportions and presence of our collections, all of which capture the essence of our Jaguar DNA.  Encapsulating Jaguar’s unique character these items showcase luxurious materials, contemporary finishes and beautiful details synonymous with our name.”

Both the bed and bowl feature the Jaguar Est. logo. A reminder that from our cars to our collections our objective is always the same. To provide the ultimate in refinement, style and comfort.

Jaguar pet collection. Dog sitting in Jaguar pet bed with jaguar pet bowl close by.Jaguar pet collection. Dog sitting in Jaguar pet bed with jaguar pet bowl close by.


Power. Dynamism. Elegance. Three words that describe the Jaguar F-TYPE, and another Jaguar that’s just rolled off our production line: the Design Icon Model. 
Created by the Jaguar Design Team headed by Adam Hatton, Creative Director of Exterior Design, this Icon Model was created to celebrate the brand’s iconic design language, and capture its essence in miniature. 
“Clarity of purpose in every line, surface and feature. This was our inspiration for our Jaguar  
Design Icon Models.” Adam Hatton. 
Though to some this might have seemed like an attempt to bottle lightning, the result is all Jaguar. A contemporary expression of the definitive sports car. Where perfect form meets pure performance. 
From the outset, the idea behind this piece was not to create a replica of any specific model, but a symbol of their collective essence. A dramatic mix of exciting proportions and stunning power. With a distinctive silhouette that has an element of the extreme. 
“Each Design Icon Model is a piece of sculpted elegance with pure, refined surfaces and contemporary finishes, executed to the highest quality.” Adam Hatton 
Crafted with a high-gloss metallic paint finish and presented with an etched plaque to the undercarriage, these limited-edition Icon Models are available in: Gloss Black, Bronze Atlas and Hakuba Silver. From their powerful stance to their dynamic lines, each one is a piece worthy of display. An expression of pure design that embodies the very essence of what Jaguar stands for.